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Below you will fine a series of screen shots from actual databases.

Daily Journal
Each user has a daily journal screen. Placing the patient name in the timeslot automatically opens the patient file and displays all acquired information collected about this patient. The data are placed in a series of designate TAB pages.
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"Keyword" Entry and Editor


The keyword editor is specific to a particular discipline. Selecting a choice on the list will generate a default sentence or phrase that will be placed into the editor on the right. This editor field can be modified at any time by the user.

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Quick Stats

Since at any stage a patient can be assigned a group (such as "active" "stage 1" etc) it becomes very easy ( a click of a button) to produce a stats sheet on your program including the usual standard gender, age group, catchment area based on postal codes etc. You can also set a start and end date of your stats review.

Web Access

The database can also act as a secure web server. The patient chart or a portion of that chart can be displayed so that any authorized users, such as a referring physician, or an external support discipline can have access to patient files from any networked computer. "Write once" use many times in many ways. Check below. 


These clip shots are merely a sample of what a Day2Day Solutions concept database can do. Feel free to contact us for further information!

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