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In the previous page terms like "integrated database" "multidisciplinary", "network patient care databases","intelligent time management focal point" were used to describe the Day2Day Database concept. What does it all mean?
An integrated database ensures that data entered by individual users in their own user specific screen, are available to all users. The use of an integrated multidisciplinary database, minimizes the data entry workload by distributing the workload over a group of users while it maximizes the users' access to the collected data. Access is further maximized by allowing users to view and enter data from any computer on the network- on or off-site, office, bedside, or home visit.
A multidisciplinary database provides each user in any given discipline with specific data entry screens, tools, and report formats as required by their professions. The data within the records are generally sealed. They can be viewed by other disciplines, but can not be modified.
A database with an intelligent time management focal point tags patient activities in the clinic,hospital, or visit to a user with a date and time stamp. Hence, each user as well as each patient generates his or her own "timeline" with each data entry transaction.

When it becomes necessary to examine the activities of a user, or a group of users, such as in the case of end of month stats, we simply define a start point on the timeline, an end point, and a series of defined "activities". The computer can be programmed to check if the activities have taken place, how often they have taken place, and produce a predefined report. In the same way, it can reshuffle the users' timelines and reconstruct a patient's timeline through the care program/process. This provides a "care map" of the patient's treatment, or  "care maps" of groups of patients. Compliance reports from both patients or medical users data can easily be generated giving administrators a strong tool for program management. In house "Rounds" are now very manageable. Total patient reviews are a mouse 'click' away!


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