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Day2Day Solutions produces integrated multidisciplinary, network patient care databases, using a unique, intelligent time management focal point for data acquisition, data manipulation, data reporting, data tracking, and data review.

The concept uses innovative development techniques that allow rapid customization of user specific data input/output screens, reports, output to web pages, faxes, emails etc. resulting in timely and cost effective database development.

Day2Day Solutions’ database is designed with four primary tasks in mind:

  • patient care (clinical application);
  • workload measurement and patient statistical data (administration);
  • research; and
  • education -the ability to use the data to either teach or to further develop or improve patient care programs. 

The integration and prioritization of these four primary tasks provide an organization a powerful software tool for total program management.

The overall efficiency of the primary tasks is maintained at the highest possible level by implementation of the following three guidelines:

  • user friendly interface for minimal training and maximum "user-ability";
  • flexibility in design and redesign allowing rapid change with minimal fuss;
  • avoidance of work duplication by staff -"enter data once- use many times" philosophy resulting in increased efficiency and workload reduction.

A measure of the overall performance of any database must include its ability to interact, not only within the immediate computer environment, but also with other systems. Hence, the system must be open to a variety of data input and output techniques. Day2Day Solutions databases can be transmitted to smart  phones, tablets, and watches.

And it does not end there. Day2Day Solutions is ready to manage your database on site or on-line remotely providing monthly data verification, monthly, quarterly, and annual stats reports, and changes to data entry screens and report formats.

The end result is a complete data management package that meets all your requirements.

My card is displayed below. If you wish to discuss a database design for your site, please feel free to contact me. If you would like to continue reading about Day2Day Solutions' database concepts use the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Thank you.

Pierre Coulombe

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